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The members of the team conversely characterized their boss as an ethical employer and a manager. This would continually present Brett and his colleagues with the issue. The first characteristic is a decision-making process that is not logic Lewin, What if the sexual feelings between the two of you were escalating?

Her decision puts Brett in an impasse. The role of the therapeutic relationship is meant to offer the client a space where they can work through their own issues. If I knew I was attracted to my client, I would avoid doing anything that would cause my feelings to escalate.

On the other hand, our weaknesses included lack of vital decisions and options that Brett would settle for. Brett as a result was ethical and right in noticing the waste and reporting it Ethics in action essay his boss.

All in all I would try to find a way around this problem, but if there was no other option I would not want to abandon the client in therapy because of lack of payment. Please do not make a mistake of criticizing your boss for the unethical requests.

Lastly we have a principle called fidelity which shows how professional one is. This is based on the fact that Caroline would expect him to ask his colleagues to ask his friends to dispose the waste without using financial assets of the organization.

When Bret, notices a huge waste pile that is disposed at the parking lot corner, he approaches Caroline for managerial advice. Brett therefore, should have further explained to Caroline that cannot for his friends to settle such issues on behalf of the organization.

This relates on exploitation and freedom of others. If this were my client, I would further explore the reasons she desires the out of office interaction, and the possible risks and benefits of this interaction.

When Caroline called the city, she was informed that it is the responsibility of the organization to dispose dry wall waste pile properly. If there is no other way that the client can pay for services we would have to weigh the pros and cons of such an interaction together.

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They would consequently have allocated an ideal amount from the organization to cover the costs of disposal. He should have however offer an explanation based on the long term implications of her proposal. There are five principles to be taken into consideration for one to lead ethically.

Caroline should have settled for the fact that if Brett and his friends were to address the issue, the construction company would keep on disposing wood piles within the premises of the organization.

Ethics In Action

It was neither ethical nor right for her to ask Brett to get advice from his friends in addressing office issues. What is your response to this? As client and counselor we could work together to find a way that would help make the interactions a bit more comfortable, but still maintaining the professional aspect of the relationship 2.

He also has to explain to her that no one knows who dumped the pile from the dry wood behind the organization premise and therefore, the organization has to spare some money and pay someone to appropriately dispose the dirt. Even so, they were not willing to offer an explanation for their decision.

Your boss can request you to do something which is not ethical. Approaching decisions in an organized manner, increases your thinking values the next time you are faced with a similar situation.

We also as a team thought on more significant stakeholders in the case. This was a result of her decision to give some time off to Brett to attend to his personal needs. If he felt his attraction would get in the way of the helping relationship, he should refer her to another counselor.

The third characteristic of poor decision making is making decisions without assessing them Lewin, Autonomy is principle number one Rosen, The concept of morality and ethics is all about doing what is good instead of what is harmful and bad.

The second characteristic is making of decisions that do not provide effective outcomes Lewin, Approaching decisions in an organized manner, increases your thinking values the next time you are faced with a similar situation.Virtue Ethics Essay; Virtue Ethics Essay.

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Outline the Principle Advantages and Disadvantages of an Approach to Ethics Based Around Virtue. Words | 3 Pages. providing my customers all information that I was aware of should be the most appropriate course of action that I should perform.

In this situation, I chose to do so, but I did not. Ethics in Action BUS Legal Environment January 9, Ethics in Action There is a very thin line between good and bad ethics in a business environment. The goal of all businesses is to come out on top regardless of the harm done to others or to themselves in the long run.

Ethics in Action Reflection A dilemma is a case that calls for a person to think, decide and make a choice between two or more options. The options are in many cases, perplexing, hard and undesirable. Ethical Action Reflection Essay Ethics vary between people and are exercised in many different forms.

Ethics are the way individuals decide what is “right” from what is “wrong”. One reason ethics vary so drastically is because of different world views.

Apr 04,  · Ethics essay – Kantian ethics a.) Explain Kant’s concept of duty Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher who was concerned with producing an ethical theory that was logical and absolute, and did not change depending on the situation, countering the views of John Locke and other empiricists of the time.

Ethics Essay Report on how the business could improve the ethics of their operations whilst meeting objectives and ensuring good employer / employee relationship 6 Design a suitable ethical code 7 Conclusion 8 References 9 Acknowledgement This report is about the ethical approaches and practices are adopted by the business firm.

Ethics in action essay
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